Why did we start this project?
We've always wanted to have a purpose for our trip but initially we didn't know what it was. After a year of traveling and experiencing 37 different countries and 24 different languages the purpose came clear. We need to speak to children and inform them about the world and encourage them to dream.

We've learned many lessons along the way with one of them being that "people are people". No matter where they live, the color of their skin or the language they speak. We all have hearts and want to help each other. It became apparent to us that we need to help people break down their fears of other cultures and to look at the differences as opportunities.

Throughout our travels people have expressed amazement as to what we are doing. We share our story and explain that this has been our dream and we made it come true. We discovered many people don't believe in their dreams or feel they can't dream because of their economic status. We want to help children see that they can make dreams and strive to make them come true. If they don't believe, they have no hope.