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Stories from People who were inspired by Ward and Jacky's Adventures

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Preface from Ward and Jacky: We met Joel Goodman and his friend, Bernd, as we were biking down the coast of California. They were doing their own supported ride which consisted of 652 miles in 6 days. Joel writes music score for movies and lives in Malibu. As we were searching the web we accidentally ran across his blog. This is what he wrote:

Why not now?
Living The Dream is what it says on the sign on the back of Ward's bike. They've spent the last 2 years riding around the world and will finish next spring (2010). Ward says, "Yeah, gotta go back to work". Ward and Jacky are a smart, warm couple that somehow, seem to have the important things in life, in focus. "Living the dream" may be their motto, but the operative word here is 'living'. They're do-ers. Interested in exploring the world and learning from other cultures.

I've been doing some homework of my own this summer. In early August we took a family trip to London and was swept up by the excitement of being in a cosmopolitan city (like NY) and all the culture it has to offer. Then we went to the countryside and I couldn't figure out why I was drawn to just sit or walk, and spend time in a small, out of the way town. I now have a better idea about why I was so effected by both.

Prior to that I've been accessing my own 'life deferment plan (LDF)'. You're familiar with LDF - we all have one. Sometimes better known as - 'I'll get to that project when..." or "if I just had some extra time I could ..." We all do it. And here I was speaking with Ward and Jacky and realizing I was seeing an honest, truthful, non-LDF right before my eyes.

Doing this ride, or any other event or milestone for that matter, is a 'part' of the dream. But living, and experiencing, every day is what I think it's all about. This became the overwhelming theme for me every day of this ride. And I hope, every day from here on. Why not now?

Joel Goodman
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Hi Ward and Jacky,
We met the other day at the Marina Park in Ventura. I wanted you to know that I have been thinking about what you are both doing and WOW I am impressed. It is very hard these days for people to have dreams and to actually get to do them. I am so grateful that I met you both because it gives me a new feeling of making my dreams come true also.
Thank you
The Lowrie Family
Sharon. Steve, Emily, Andrew and Fenwic

Stacey MacLean met Ward and Jacky in La Paz, Bolivia, and climbed a mountain with Ward!
Here is her story:

I have been thinking about life, my trip, you two and your adventure. This is what I have come up with:

1. DEFINITELY live your dreams. I, like Jacky, intend to give my future life partner a bar napkin which has MY prenup on it: either one year on motorcycle down to the tip of South America and back OR a one year trip around the world (not on bicycle-that is just CRAZY!) hahaha!

2. Don't settle. Ward and I had many long talks about love and life and expectations. These chats inspired me to not settle for mediocrity. When I see the way that Ward looks at Jacky, it makes me know that true love exists.

3. I already suspected this one, but You Don't Need All that CRAP. Ward has a charming couch story which definitely amused me and brought home this point. Also, they sold EVERYTHING, because what they need cannot be contained in a house.

I could go on, but this is enough for now. I loved meeting you both, and I appreciate all the time we spent together and I hope you are safe on your journey and can't wait for April, 2010! See you then!

Stacey MacLean