What causes two different people from Wisconsin and Iowa to desire to embark on a two year world bike adventure?

These thoughts hadn't entered their minds until:

For Jacky: It was when her fiancé died from cancer at the young age of 21. She made a goal to live her life for two and to not look back on life with any regrets.

For Ward: He has always had the adventurous spirit but did not act on it until Jacky's prenuptial agreement to bike around the world for their 10 year anniversary (made legitimate on a bar napkin). Ward knocked it down to seven years so she really didn't have to twist his arm too much. He also agreed (under a little duress) to be a Packer fan since Jacky is a cheese head.

Many people ask, "how did they plan for a trip like this?" Knowing early on that they were going on the trip helped a lot. They prioritized their money differently. They paid off their debt instead spending it on material things. A 1990 Bonneville was just great and their ranch style house was their castle.

Others ask, "are they retiring?" No! they like to call it a sabbatical, and will rejoin the workforce when they return in 2009 (or perhaps 2010).
Their two sons will not be joining them for the ride as they will be pursuing their own careers.  John is in the Military and Ross will be starting college in 9/2007