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What is Pedaling for Pencils?

Mission Statement:
The magic and power of wood and lead when combined together in the form of a pencil unleashes ones creativity and thoughts inscribing them for the world. Write a letter, solve a math problem, write an apology, create a poem, draw a picture, write a song, record your thoughts, write your dreams...

Why did we start this project?
We've always wanted to have a purpose for our trip but initially we didn't know what it was. After a year of traveling and experiencing 37 different countries and... (see complete story)

What are we currently doing?
So far we have talked to children in schools in Chile and Peru. When we enter the classroom we bring in our bikes and gear. Most children are amazed at... (see complete story)

What students do we want to reach?
We'd like to reach students of all ages and languages but this is sometimes difficult with the communication differences... (see complete story)

Service Work

Chinandega, Nicaragua:
Chinandega, Nicaragua is a very poor country. Many of the children and their families live in the dump. I visited the dump and I can't describe the state that I saw these children in. Many were barely clothed, covered in filth and eating everything they could get their hands on. I remember standing there... (see complete story)

Kigali, Rwanda:
I remember reading my email that said, "You never know unless you ask. Do you guys want to go to Rwanda with me?" This was a question that was asked to us by our friend, Frank Pollari, from Thunder Bay, Canada. Frank was going to Rwanda to build a library... (see complete story)

Bocas de Toro, Panama:
Helping to get clean drinkable water to the remote islands in the Caribbean was another adventure. To install the water catchment system only required a small puddle jumper plane ride, followed by a small boat ride across the Caribbean waters to reach the island where we were going to be staying. We referred to the island as "Gilligan's Island"... (see complete story)

Lurin, Peru:
When we volunteered to help paint at an orphanage we envisioned an old gray building, dorm rooms with cement floors and wooden beds, filth and a diet of predominantly rice. But when we passed through the gates of Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II orphanage in Lurin, Peru (just outside of Lima) we saw quite the contrary... (see complete story)